Many people would like to be involved in all kind of magic, psychic and other techniques and often ask about spells and if and how magic energy works.

Basically, all metaphysical systems include some kind of magic energy techniques and development. The essential meaning of any magic path is the true development of our personality on all kind of levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To develop magic energy awareness you need self-discipline and patience.

Should you therefore join a group to experience magic power?

You might furthermore search for answers like, what “magic spells” will achieve certain results, what crystals or herbs should you purchase, what “esoteric groups” do you have to join and what rituals do you have to perform?

My answer is simple – none of these.

Now I guess that this is not the answer you expected or would have liked to hear in view of the vast amount of information on magic energy and rituals available, but before doing anything at all that is likely to influence your experience and in particular Spiritual evolution in any way, it is important to understand exactly why this is.

Many people are interested in “magic energy” in the belief that there is something inherently powerful about uttering “spells” or performing “rituals”, for example that have some sort of special or “magical” powers in and of themselves that the Universe will respond to.

Others are interested in joining “secret societies”, “esoteric orders” or even “mystery schools” in the belief that by doing so and being awarded “ranks” or “magic energy degrees” they will “advance” and thereby gain a special position in the Universe, especially after passing on. Again, this is really no different to subscribing to a religion, which teaches the same ‘things’, but in a different way.

Now let me make it absolutely clear that I have nothing whatsoever against any of the aforementioned groups who are exploring magic energy in principle. There is no question that being a member of such groups, depending on which ones of course, can be beneficial in a number of ways providing they are regarded in the appropriate and healthy context, and not regarded as an automatic ticket to greater things or magic energy ranks, as so of often implied by some elitist orders. There is much of magic energy value that can be learned providing it is kept in a proper perspective.

Unfortunately, however well meaning they might be, many of these magic energy groups, even the most well known or revered ones can and often do have the opposite effect. As soon as people are placed in a competitive situation where “ranks” are granted based upon the criteria set by others, Ego takes over, often leading to anything from delusions of grandeur and feelings of superiority over others, to bitterness and resentment if a person does not “advance through the ranks” as expected. Many an “orders” or “society” has broken up in acrimony due to these situations, leaving the members often bitter and disillusioned, after some members have been favored over others due to individual relationships and other erroneous factors that have nothing at all to do with true magic energy and spiritual progress.

So the question becomes this – what motivates people to wish to join groups, who deal with any kind of magic energy systems, whether it be esoteric orders or religions or other groups of which there are many and varied, or to want to perform “spells“, “rituals” or other such practices?

In almost all cases such people are looking outside of themselves to people or actions that can provide something that they perceive as advantageous in some way. In the case of religion for example it might be a “ticket to heaven” upon passing on, or at least avoiding eternal torment “hell” or other such punishments meted to “sinful” people and “non-believers”

In the case of many magic energy systems or “esoteric orders” the member is led to believe that they will gain some sort of Spiritual advancement and high position after their passing, as well as to wield all sort of impressive abilities in physical life.

Again it should be pointed out that we can all gain such abilities by learning to influence Energy effectively and magically, but those are not particularly meaningful in terms of Spiritual advancement.

People are motivated to perform magic “spells” and “rituals” or to use crystal, herbs and other materials in the belief that in and of themselves they have special powers to bring about a special result.

Another effect on the very presence of all of these groups and practices is that people who do not participate in or practice them are often made to feel “inferior” in some way.

So now let us take a look at the reality of these factors:

There is only one fundamental Principle in the Universe – Mind.

Everything that we experience is ultimately due to Mind alone.

It follows therefore that the only way in which to achieve anything through Mind – everything else being subordinate to the Mind Principle which projects the magic energy from within in the outer reality.

Uttering magic energy spells, magic energy performing rituals, belonging to groups of various types will not therefore, in and of themselves confer any special powers or privileges on the participant whatsoever. No spell, ritual or group including but not limited to orders, schools or religions has any sort of advantage, priority or special place in the Universe of any type.

Likewise there absolutely no shortcuts to Spiritual evolution – each and every person must evolve based entirely upon their own efforts based upon their specific needs and what their current incarnation of Higher Self needs to achieve this time around.